Guide For Betting On Cricket

  • Tuesday, Jun 1, 2021

Although there are still physical stores to bet on cricket, online cricket betting remains the most preferred way for players around the world. With the best cricket betting sites, live cricket betting has never been easier, especially since you can easily make match predictions, and bet on cricket online from the comfort of your mobile.

This is easily possible through cricket betting apps that give you access to betting sites without filtering out possible options compared with when you use a laptop. Cricket betting is relatively easy as long as you know the tournament and understand how the game works.

cricket betting

What is cricket betting, and how does it work?

Cricket betting online is simply the process of wagering money on a game, with the possibility of getting returns depending on the outcome of the game. It is powered by betting sites for crickets, where registration is compulsory before playing. However, just like every other sports betting, you have to choose your preferred from a wide array of cricket betting sites that are available today.

After selecting your preferred option from the best cricket bookies online, you then have to consider what type of bet you want to make. There are different options to choose from pertaining to cricket bets, which are:

Match betting

This betting option allows you to outrightly pick one of three different outcomes. You have the option of selecting if the home team will win, the away team wins or the match ending in a draw. Match betting is the most common type of cricket wager around the world.

Completed match

For completed matches, you are to place a bet on whether you think a one-day match would be finished that day or not. There are times when weather or external factors affect games, and if you think such is around the corner, bet on the match not finishing that day. Completed match betting is barely a yes or no option for players.

Tied match

Tied match wager is another straightforward option like the completed match and matches betting. For this, you have to bet a yes or no to whether you think the match would end in a tie or not. If you bet correctly, then you win the wager and receive proceeds from it. It is that simple. Some of the best betting sites like cricbuzz offer these options for players on their site.

Cricket betting competitions

Betting on the right cricket competitions is certainly the best way to gamble. These competitions contain a lot of rivalry between teams, with centuries of history that ensures the game is always thrilling and boasting amazing odds. The best cricket betting competitions to wager on include.

Indian Premier League

Easily the best cricket league in the world for most fans, the Indian Premier League has not been around for long, but currently sits at the top of the food chain for domestic leagues. Established in 2007, its 13 season legacy boasts millions of fans, raking in billions of dollars in revenue and also playing some of the finest games the world has ever seen. To top it all, most bookmakers offer amazing odds on different outcomes of individual games and the league in general. Making the right IPL prediction is sure to win you good money and for help on betting tips, visit

ICC Cricket World Cup

Certainly the most prestigious cricket tournament there is today, the ICC Cricket World cup is one tournament every fan agree is the best and biggest in the world. It is played every four years, leaving room for tidy preparation and carrying over of inspiring defeats as an inspiration to the next edition. Since its inception in 1975, only six teams have won the competition, further stressing its difficulty and coveted nature. The world cup boasts of fine odds for bettors looking to win big.

The Ashes series

For the England and Australia fans, this competition is what subconsciously comes to mind when a cricket tournament is mentioned. The completion boasts a long history of rivalry that dates back to 1882, and before. Each match is very epic, and a must-watch for fans around the world, however, it is also a good competition to bet on due to the amazing odds bookmakers whip out when it’s time for the show.

Aside from these top three, other cricket betting competitions you can bet on include:

  • T20 world cup
  • Asia cup
  • Champions League T20
  • Big bash league
  • Caribbean Premier League

Among these competitions, the Champions League T20 and the Caribbean Premier League are good options you should look at, being among the very best.

Cricket betting markets

Choosing your specific cricket betting market is a good way to narrow down the kind of wagers you make. Cricket betting markets presents a wide possibility of match outcomes, leaving gamblers to select which they prefer. Some top betting markets in cricket include:

Top Batsman

This bet predicts which batsman would score the most runs of any play in that game. It usually accounts for both teams, and most times, only pertain to the first innings in test match betting.

Top Bowler

This refers to a wager on the top bowler in the match. The top bowler is the player that takes the most wickets.

To win the group

This betting marker involves you wagering on the team you believe will win a particular group in the completion

To come second

This is simply betting on the team you think will finish second in the tournament. Basically, you are predicting the runners-up.

Some other options to choose from in the betting market are:

  • To win the completion
  • To win the toss
  • Top batsman teams
  • Top team bowler
  • Highest opening partnership
  • Highest first six overs

There are a ton of options to choose from in the cricket betting market as you can literally bet on almost any outcome with more than one possibility.

How to find best cricket bookies online?

Doing a simple Google search would certainly bring out a list of hundreds of online bookies for players today. However, selecting the one you go with is a different ball game, which would require more research. But with a knowledge of the right qualities to look for, you’d hardly go wrong. Some qualities to look for are:

  • Gaming license
  • Welcome bonuses
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A good number of withdrawals and deposit methods
  • Considerable withdrawal transaction period (about 2 to 5 days)

Examples of top cricket betting sites are:

  • Betway
  • My bookie
  • Betnow
  • Bet365
  • Cricbuzz

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the gaming license. Top gaming licenses like Curacao or the Malta gaming authority means the site ticks certain boxes that can put any fears at ease.