Four Tips to Keep in Mind When Betting on Table Tennis

  • Friday, Dec 18, 2020

Sometimes you might not feel like betting on squash and want to bet on another ball and racket sport, and if this happens to be the case then we highly recommend that you try betting on table tennis. This is a dynamic sport that is highly entertaining and made even more entertaining when you have some money on the game that you are watching. Below we are going to provide you with some great tips that will help you when it comes to betting on table tennis.


Research before Betting

I do not like to be presumptuous, but I think that most sports betting fans are not too familiar with professional table tennis. For most people, table tennis is a game that you play when you are bored and want to kill a bit of time. However, this is such a shame because table tennis is a really fun sport to watch and is a sport that involves a lot of skill. If you do not believe us, make a point of watching professionals play on YouTube and you will quickly be amazed at how fast they can play the game.

If my previous assumption that your knowledge of table tennis is limited is true, then the best place for you to start your table tennis betting journey is to learn about the game’s top players. You should keep in mind that table tennis events, just like those in golf or tennis, will often feature more or less the same contestants. This is very useful as it means that you do not have to keep learning about players all of the time. If you learn about their styles, their strengths, and how good they are, then this can help improve your chances of being victorious.

You might be sitting there thinking that you can get by if you do a bit of research before you go ahead and place your bet, but if you do this then you will not be getting the full picture. Instead, you should make it a point to get know a handful of the top players closely. You should follow them closely and this will stand you in good stead when you come to bet on a tournament.

Find the Right Bookmaker

When you are betting on anything, finding the right bookie is vital but this is something that is usually overlooked. Many sports bettors will just sign up to the first bookie that they come across, thinking that all bookies are made equally, but this is not the case. If you have a type of bet in your mind that you want to place, take a look around to see if you can locate a bookie that has favourable odds for table tennis. If you are new to sports betting online, then you will probably be surprised at just how much you can increase your bet’s value just by finding another platform to make your bet.

Another tip that we would like to give you when it comes to placing bets on table tennis is that it is not always wise to go with a site that specialises in table tennis odds. We know this might sound counterintuitive but hear us out. If you are betting with a bookie that take plenty of table tennis bets then you can be certain that the house will know what good odds are, leaving little room for you to take advantage. However, if you are placing bets on a huge sportsbook that does not get much table tennis betting action, then there is a chance that the site could give higher odds than they should, giving you a better chance of getting value for money.


Learn the Events

When you are betting on golf, it is very logical to take the particular event into consideration when you are trying to predict how all the players will perform. One would assume that all the best players will compete to the best of their abilities no matter what the event is, but this is not always the case. A golfer will usually play better if they are participating at the Masters or Open Championship, while if they are playing in an event that does not mean an awful lot there is a chance they will be a bit off.

In table tennis, the same concept also applies. Just like other sports such as golf or tennis, table tennis also has its own big events. These events are where the best players usually shine, and the lesser players struggle to keep up with the pace. When it comes to big table tennis events that you should pay attention to then then ones that stand out are the European Championships, African Championships, and the Asian Championships. You should mark these down as great events to win your table tennis bets, and they are also a very good place to begin when you start compiling data on the best players in the sport.

Know the Different Types of Bets

You can obviously bet on who will win the match, but there are many other bet types that you can make use of that can provide you with more value. If you want a change from betting on the winner of a match, then we recommend you take a look at the following bets.


No matter what sport you are betting on, you will find a number of over or under options that you can bet on, and table tennis is no exception to this rule. You can place a bet on the total points that will be scored in a match or the number of sets that there will be before there is a winner. The bookie will usually give you a number, and you simply have to predict whether it will be higher or lower.

Tournament Future

Future bets are quite tricky to win, but they are attractive due to the odds that you can take advantage of. With a future bet, you are not betting on who will win a match, you are betting on who you think will win the whole event. Some advice that we would like to give you here is that you should avoid betting on the overall favourite as the odds will not be worth it when you take into consideration how difficult it is to actually win. We recommend that you select a couple of mid-level favourites and then take a punt with one of the underdogs.